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Value Traded %
Banks 500554.15 8.42
Insurance 25997.37 0.44
Services 2840632.76 47.77
Industry 2239234.01 37.66
Total 5945932.32 100.00
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Al Fares Company Profile


Al Fares Inv. has been Established in March, 2005 Al Fares is considered as a highly urban financial services firm specializing in brokerage and trading. The company provides a wide range of investment–related products and services specially customized to meet client's needs. We at Al Fares Financial Investments managed to reach a competitive edge in the market with our professional, effective, and reliable insight of brokerage and financial services.

Our Vision

The platform we have built is both strong and unique, and it provides us with tangible competitive advantages. We have the structure, resources and experience to take advantage of the opportunities for growth that we see on the horizon to be recognized as the leading, reliable and credible provider of incomparable personal and professional brokerage services in the region.

Our Mission

Striving to ensure the delivery of a distinguished line of trading services to help our clients in their pursuit to realize more profits. Consequently, our team is intense on applying Global standards, work principles, and industry best practices while utilizing progressive technology.

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